Sunday, March 11, 2012

Success! We have a quilt top!!

Yes! At last all the blocks are sewn and joined together into the quilt top! Hooray!

It has been such a chore to get this far. I am so close to the finish line, only the borders to be sewn and attached and then the quilt top is completely finished and we can start looking at getting the quilt professionally quilted.

The quilt top without borders is 70.5 x 71 inches in size and, if I have calculated correctly with my lovely QuiltCalc app from Android, I have enough dark pink fabric to complete one whole 2 inch border as the first border. I'm relieved that I have enough of fabric that has already been used in the individual quilt blocks. I was worrying I'd need to source and purchase more fabric that would tone in with the fabrics already used. Always a quilters quandary - keeping the colours and tones and textures harmonious throughout. Also expensive at this stage in the game. As it is I have a few backs of scraps which I'm trying to work out how to use successfully in the border.

But I need a "framing" border to set off the fabrics already used in the quilt blocks before I think about fabrics for additional borders and then the binding.

Deadline is Easter which is when my parents leave to visit Aunt M and that's only three weeks away now. Good grief!!

But I'm glad I've pushed myself today and hopefully this progress will encourage me to do more and more often. My enthusiasm levels are flagging.

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