Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catching Up

I've been doing some sorting out of old boxes of fabric that I have carried around with me for the past decade and three house moves. And in my sorting I found scraps from some of the past quilt projects that I do not have final pictures of the completed quilt, which spurred me to do something about that.
First Quilt - Green Rail Fence, leftovers cushion cover.
 I found leftover blocks from the first quilt I ever finished, a green rail fence (above); as well as leftovers from a pink and green rail fence I made as a wedding present. Both quilts I didn't take a picture of once they were finished and the pink and green quilt was a tremendous undertaking at the time, being my first queen size, wool batting quilt and I couldn't have finished it without the assistance of my godmother J.
Pink and Green Rail Fence

I found that there were 5 leftover rail fence blocks from the pink and green wedding rail fence, but I had lots of ends from the strip pieced rows that had a couple of inches left. So, I figured I could patchwork all these little bits into a full row, to cut some whole blocks and make enough to create a four-block, rail fence square that would make a great cushion cover so that I had something about me, from this past project.

If you go back to the first picture of the pink and green rail fence square, you can see that in the top left hand block there are a couple of joining seams where that block was pieced together from little salvaged leftover strips. I feel very smug and happy that I was able to reuse these scraps.

From these scraps I was able to piece together two sides of each colour combination, and the goal is quilt them with some Pelon and calico and then join them together for some simple cushion covers. Stand by for this!

In all my sorting I've got a 56litre container of scraps which I need to work out something to do with constructively. So, while I make a decision on this, I distracted myself with another project. Ha! But that's a story for another post!

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  1. It feels good to use up leftover parts, hey? I envy your skills with sewing machine and needle - Mum has been knitting pieces for the baby and I'm envious of her skills too! D