Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fabric-a-brac Brisbane 20th September 2014

So, a friend and I have decided the best way to move some of our craft stash is to sell it. !
And so we've signed on for a table at the Brisbane Fabric-a-brac (held on the Sunshine Coast and not Brisbane) to try and move some stash.

And so my issue now, after agreeing, is so what do I part with. Gulp.

Anyways, please come along because it's a great market. I've bought some fabulous stuff from the previous two (no, I haven't used them yet, and no I'm not going to be selling it) markets and I have no hesitation in recommending the market. If you like vintage fabrics get yourself some!

So once I've worked out what you can have, it'll be a great market. I have no expectation that I'll make some money so there will be no surprises for me. But I'm looking forward to seeing what others will be selling. My interest in vintage fabrics and textiles has more than doubled in the past year, so I'm keen to see what'll be there.

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