Saturday, December 31, 2011

Working Hard for the Money ...

So, since last post I was working hard to get through the final week at work before the Christmas break closure and getting myself organised for Christmas celebrations, so I didn't get a lot of sewing time in on the Rose Quilt. But since Boxing Day I have been working hard to get blocks completed towards Aunt M's quilt.

(You can see to the left the baggies of fabric pieces that I'm using to keep organised as there are 45 blocks that go into making the whole Rose block.)

As of ... well, now today, I've got the last four pale rose blocks underway. I timed myself tonight and it takes about three hours to piece together all the pink fabric blocks. As I'm using a dark blue background fabric I'm using two colours of thread to complete the blocks. Blue for all the pieces that are blue and green fabric, and pink thread for all the pieces that are pink fabric or pink with blue or green. So I've been swapping back and forth the bobbin and top thread until with the last batch of blocks I decided to save myself a little aggravation and make up all the pieces that use the pink thread first.

So now my sewing desk looks like this:

And the floor beneath the sewing desk looks like this from all the little triangle offcuts. I'm debating whether to keep them all and see if I can sew them all together in some way. But I'm not a big fan of miniature quilting.

But last night I entertained myself with laying out the pale rose blocks that I have completed so far to see how the quilt is beginning to look like. And I am very pleased so far.

It's a good feeling when you can get to this stage and see that the vision you had in your head before you even bought fabric is coming together as expected. I'm glad that the blocks are looking good and the colours and textures are working as I wanted them.

Even though there aren't a lot of reproduction or vintage 1930s prints as I'd first envisaged, the patterns and colours are resembling the Arts & Crafts style rose as I had hoped they would.

Big Smile.

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