Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wish the Sun would Shine

Some progress has been had over the past few days, but unfortunately not a lot. Just a small portion of the overall block - the rosebud.

It's been raining since Wednesday, I think. Steadily. Everything is soggy and muggy and currently I have to choose how I can use my electricity as the air-con, washing machine, dryer and fridge all share the same circuit. Which I've just found out as I've been using the air-con to reduce the moisture in the house. However needing to have clean clothes is a little more important so I've chosen the dryer and w/machine over keeping cool and comfortable.

It's been a dim day, and weirdly the afternoon the sun has come out but the lights have been on in the house all day. I've been playing ac/dc in the sewing room all afternoon to keep me on the go so I can finish these blocks. Otherwise this project is in danger of stagnating.

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